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We are for… Postgraduates

We are for…Postgraduates. And we are for postgraduates for many reasons, three in particular.

First, we are for pastor-scholars who can read, understand, and interpret the signs of the times in the light of Scripture as faithful public theologians. The times are complex. The issues are complex. The pastoral needs of our day are complex. And these complexities require an interconnected exegetical, theological, historical, pastoral, practical, and missional dexterity that serves God’s people. That’s why we’re for postgraduates.

Second, we are for pastor-scholars who can weather the storms of ministry over the long haul. We’re for resilience. This resilience is a gift. But, equally, it is a virtue honed in warm cohorts, forged through academic rigour, and nurtured through personal relationships. Our postgraduate programme provides this environment because we’re for resilient ministers.

Third, we are for pastor-scholars who model integrative thinking and living. Our postgraduate offerings refuse to separate the theological disciplines. In a variety of ways, we place biblical studies, doctrine, church history, practical theology, homiletics, apologetics, and missiology into conversation in order to cultivate holistic, interdisciplinary pastor-scholars. That’s why we’re for

Put simply, we’re for postgraduates because we seek to enable pastor-scholars to understand something deeply in order to teach and present it simply. Our postgraduate courses serve this goal. And our regular postgraduate seminars seek to nurture critical, yet charitable engagement with different viewpoints. The flexibility of our postgraduate offerings allows students to take modules from across the theological disciplines or to specialize in a particular discipline. Those who have opted for greater breadth of content have become effective generalists in churches and training schemes. And many who have specialized in a particular discipline have gone on to pursue a PhD so as to better serve the church as a potential theological educator.

We are for postgraduates. Whether you are seeking continuing professional development in ministry or an advanced degree in preparation for ministry, our postgraduate programme provides a home that fosters sharp, resilient, and integrative pastor-scholars for Christ and his kingdom.

Chris Ansberry
Director of Postgraduate Studies


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