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Summer Update

Just now Oak Hill is mostly the colour of straw; the sun has parched many of the lawns and we look to heaven for rain.

That feels true in lots of senses. There are so many challenges on the horizon for us and the churches we seek to serve. A cost of living crisis, droughts, wars and rumours of wars, compromise and division in the Church; a rich harvest field but few workers. College has emptied as it does every summer and many houses are vacant as students have moved on to other (and perhaps greener) pastures. We’ve also seen two members of staff move on; John Percival to become Associate Vicar at St Andrew the Great in Cambridge, and Chris Stead, who is returning to his first vocation as a barrister. We’ve benefitted so richly from their ministry amongst us, and will miss them both, even as we rejoice in their ongoing service of the Lord in other spheres.

And so in lots of ways our eyes turn to heaven, seeking again our Father’s blessing. It is good to remind ourselves that he is the great Lord of the harvest; around the world there are harvest fields that are white and ripe, and his word is powerful enough to bring forth blossom from any desert.

As we look into the Autumn, we’re very excited to welcome twenty seven new students, Lord willing; please join us in praying that Christ will be formed in them through all they learn and experience here at College and in their church placements. Please pray for us as we plan for the next few years, seeking to serve the churches through our courses, events, and resources in unpredictable and challenging times. And please pray that the Lord would be calling more men and women into his service, and that they would find their way into training that prepares them well for the broad and deep demands of ministry.


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