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From Enfield to the ends of the Earth

Students from Oak Hill are sent all over the world. As our class of 2024 graduate, we caught up with two students heading in very different directions about their time at college and prayers for the future. 

From Enfield…

Before heading to Oak Hill I was grateful to get to work for our church in South London for a couple of years. That gave me a taste of some of the joys and challenges of church ministry - in the midst of that it was clear I would benefit from further study and training - particularly in doctrine, church history, and pastoral ministry. 

Oak Hill has proved to be a brilliant answer to that need. I've loved the time I've had to be helped to think really carefully about who God is and how we relate to him, how we got to the church we see across the globe today, and what it looks like to care for real people in the highs and lows of life in this fallen world. That's not to mention the blessing of taking my first steps in Greek, growing in Word Ministry, taking a deep dive into the doctrine of justification, or the time with peers, praying and growing together, or knocking on the door of faculty to ask questions and get more help. 

As I begin to pastor our little church in North London this month I'm still feeling like it's a task that is somewhat beyond me - but I know I'm better equipped than I was - and for that I praise God. I'm seriously grateful for the gift of my time at Oak Hill.

Jake Tasker

…to the ends of the earth

Before college I was based in the Middle East for 20 years where I became a Christian and served in a ministry there. Since becoming a Christian I've desired to go back to my home country in Asia. 

Oakhill has been wonderful place to reflect on the past and prepare for the future for me and my family. The college provided a solid biblical and theological framework for serving overseas, and helped us to grow in our character. We were also impacted and shaped by the humble example of the faculty and fellow peers. 

We are now heading to Asia to serve an unreached and marginalised people group there. My home country has a large numbers of unreached people groups, in a context of much hostility from the authorities for gospel work. We would love your prayers for us to serve God and his church humbly and faithfully. 

S&J (anonymised for their security)

Please pray for Jake and S&J as they move into these new roles and for the other graduating students as they apply for jobs and prepare to move into new churches, homes, communities and schools.


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