We’re grateful for the number of churches and ministries which receive our students on placement, whether it’s for a year-long church placement, or a shorter and more intensive block placement.

All undergraduate and ordinand students take part in a placement scheme, which enables them to contribute to the life of God’s people, develop their gifts, apply what they are learning in the classroom and reflect on how God is working in their life and ministry.

Weekly placements pitch students into the life of a local church within range of the college, where they will soon feel at home and find fellowship and friendship, and gradually take part in some aspects of the ministry of the church family. London offers considerable variety, and the college has established connections with many local churches that are less than an hour away.

Block placements usually take place during the summer, and provide all kinds of opportunities for students to see different forms of ministry, in contexts that are sometimes well beyond their existing experience.

For example, preaching from the life of Abraham in the aftermath of a riot, at an immigration detention centre in one of our major airports, is part of the normal pattern of ministry for an Oak Hill graduate who serves there, but new for any student who shadows his ministry. A less volatile experience might involve two weeks at a hospice, seeing the shape of Christian ministry among those who will soon die. There is an extensive list of options available for students to choose.

For more details about how placements work for students, please see the Placements Information document for prospective students, which can be found on the 'Applying' tab here, in the 'read these documents' box.