Global Mission in the Local Church

Short Course

In this course we're going to think together carefully about questions such as:

  • What is mission and why does it matter?
  • How might local churches enjoy excellent relationships with mission agencies and their global partners?
  • How do our mission practices need to change to better reflect 21st century realities around the world?

We'll look into some of the significant issues facing global mission today, and we'll think biblically and missiologically about tricky questions facing many churches and missionaries today such as money, call, culture, and spiritual warfare.

God is at work all over the world! And yet many local churches struggle to know how they might join with Him in these global gospel purposes. What might it look like for Christians today to be faithful to God's call and fruitful in God's mission not just in their own local settings but even to the ends of the earth?

Chris Howles

Module tutor

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