Fellowship groups

If you’re studying at Oak Hill full-time, you’ll be part of a fellowship group of around 12 students. The groups are made up of a mixture of students in terms of year groups, Anglicans and Independents, men and women, single and married. They meet once a week and help students take time out of the academic programme for support, prayer and encouragement. It’s one of the ways we make a big college feel small.

Each fellowship group is led by a tutor, drawn from the teaching staff, whose responsibility is to be the first point of contact for academic and pastoral matters for the students in their group.

Tutors normally meet every term with each of the students in their group. Students are helped to select particular areas for growth on which to focus, and tutors provide prayerful encouragement and support in these throughout the college year. Full-time female students have a female pastoral tutor.

People are at Oak Hill for long enough that it’s normal for some of them to experience one of life’s harder stretches while here. In such times, a fellowship group and tutor are points of immediate help, prayerful support and ongoing, loving care. Tutors are supported and complemented in these roles by the Director of Pastoral Care and an experienced team.