Pastoral Care

For everyone at Oak Hill, the most important thing about us is our relationship with God. When things work as intended, the academic programme here is constantly feeding us and growing us in worship of God. In normal life, however, all kinds of things go wrong. Sin from within (such as perfectionist dissatisfaction with our God-given ability, or lazy negligence of our gifts), and struggles from without (such as bereavement, family struggles, church tensions) unsettle or challenge us with new questions about God and his work in and through us.

Pastoral care at the college recognises this reality, and aims to be alongside each student and help them, and any family, walk through all the moments of life in faith and repentance, growing in our relationship with God in Christ. Pastoral care, or the ‘cure of souls’, as it used to be known, is a vital part of loving each other (see, for example, Hebrews 3:12-13), and an important part of training for ministry. Students who leave Oak Hill will, we trust, have experienced the kind of care from others at the college that they will want to offer to people in their church communities.