Taking individual modules

Some of our key teaching modules are now available as standalone short courses. We're offering them as part of our drive to make theological training widely available in churches, and not only for those training to be full-time gospel workers and leaders.

We believe they'll inform and enrich all those who attend them, as well as their church communities.

We're currently piloting three modules, available for audit – in apologetics, the doctrine of justification, and global theology and practice.

Two options for study

There are two study options for taking modules: as an auditor or a creditor.

Auditing – Auditors attend lectures but are not required to submit any assessments. Auditors do not receive any mark, credits or feedback at the end of the module.

Crediting – Creditors attend lectures, undertaking all the assessments, and receiving a mark, credits and feedback at the end of the module.

Information about the modules available to audit or credit in 2019/20, and how to apply, will be posted here in Spring 2019.

Please use the form below to register your interest in taking modules during 2019/20. We'll contact you by email as soon as they are posted.

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