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Training pathways for ordinands


We have five standard ordination training pathways approved by Ministry Division, all taken on a full time basis:

Most ordinands apply for either the DipHE or BA (Hons), depending on how many years' training they are recommended for. Those who already hold a qualification in Theology may be eligible to apply for the MTheol, PGDip or MA:

  • The MTheol is studied full time at Levels 6 and 7, alongside other modules which provide specific Anglican training;
  • The PGDip or MA is studied part time at Level 7, alongside a wider selection of modules to make the overall pathway full time over two years.

Please read the relevant programme descriptions for more information.

Any other training pathway would be considered non-standard and would therefore require the agreement of the sponsoring diocese, Ministry Division and Oak Hill.

Please note that our Flexible Learning offering is not a pathway for ordination training.

They want you to be the best minister you can be: secure in the Father's love; gripped by Christ's grace; and ever dependent on Word and Spirit."

Ed Veale
Former student

I invariably found my fellow students and the staff to be deeply thoughtful and considerate people."

Revd Sophie Bannister
Member of Junia Network committee & former student