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Why Oak Hill?


At Oak Hill we are convinced that theological training needs to match the broad and deep demands of gospel ministry. 

We shouldn’t have to choose between leaders who love the Lord and leaders who love the lost. Between leaders who know the Scriptures deeply and leaders who get what makes people tick. We shouldn’t have to choose between excellent communicators and sacrificial servants. Between theological precision and generous hospitality.

This was reinforced for us recently when we reviewed how Scripture portrays a minister of the gospel – the Christ-like character they ought to have, the convictions they ought to hold and the skills they need to possess.

That review produced our graduate profile - a portrait of what ministry requires and what our training aims towards; and then we began rethinking theological education so that every aspect of it would lead in that direction. Of course, no training course can make someone into the finished article, but it can lay a broad foundation and provide deep roots so that you are thoroughly equipped for gospel ministry.

In part this is about course design. Our aim is to ensure students have a deep grasp of the Scriptures and of Christian theology and history down the centuries and across the globe. Likewise we want to ensure they understand people, not least themselves, and the fast-changing cultures in which they will serve. And then we make sure we teach about and provide opportunities to grow in the wide range of skills needed in ministry, not least the ability to communicate effectively and sensitively to a wide range of people.

But then it is also about pedagogy – the question of how we teach. We have reflected carefully on how classes can be taught and assessed in ways that not only serve future ministry but also form us now in Christ-likeness; helping us to be more receptive and charitable towards others, and to let learning fuel our worship.

And then it is about a community in which we learn and worship and serve one another. There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of “in-context” training today, but of course all training happens in a context. Oak Hill’s context is a diverse evangelical community of faculty and students from different backgrounds and holding different convictions on a range of secondary issues.  That makes Oak Hill a stimulating, challenging, and rich place to learn and worship and serve together. We would love for you to join us!


Joe Standerwick - Student Pastor, Moorlands Church, Lancaster & former student

In a thousand different ways God has grown my character at Oak Hill. It wasn't just in the lectures, but also in conversations with friends, time in chapel, seeing the lives of others, serving practically and being involved in a loving church family. All of this has been invaluable for gospel ministry."

Joe Standerwick

Student Pastor, Moorlands Church, Lancaster & former student