Horizons in Luke & Acts

Programme module

Together, Luke and Acts form an integrated narrative core to the New Testament. Stretching from before the birth of John the Baptist to the cusp of Paul's trial in Rome, these two biblical books pick up ancient scriptural promise and anticipate eschatological fullness. And they do so in narrative form.

This module will both probe the riches of their contents and seek answers to questions of how we read, and teach, them well. At its essence, we will be pursuing narrative-theology, looking to read narrative theologically, and let narrative inform our theology. Expect to see in this module how Luke-Acts scholarship can inform this great journey.

When I began as a PhD student in Acts, I wondered how I would cope with three years in one book. Now I long for yet one more day to delight in, and grow from, these wonderful texts. Delight in Scripture, and the God who is there found, is the route to the 'certainty' Luke sought for Theophilus and us others reading in his wake."

Matthew Sleeman

Module tutor