The Theology of the Book of Acts (Greek and English options)

Programme module

I was a student on this module many years ago, and it inspired me in teaching and seeking to live out (and in) the Book of Acts. In the module, we form a reading community, hearing Acts carefully, gaining skills in reading and applying, and travelling along the 'Way' of Acts with other scholars and commentators. Acts is a book of many voices, and one voice. If you want to spend time within its delightful bounds, with parallel streams focusing on the Greek text or on the book's first-century context, this module will serve you well. Warning: you might not want to leave Acts afterwards - such was my experience of it!

"Day by day, and often night by night, the Book of Acts feeds my theological imagination, my ministry horizons, and my hope for life. The treasures are in the narrative span, and in the theological detail. I love travelling through Acts with fellow learners on this module. Acts always rewards the careful reader."  

Matthew Sleeman

Module tutor