Doctrine I

Programme module

As one theologian put it, ‘Theology is taught by God, teaches God and leads to God.’ This module introduces students to the importance of systematic theology for understanding and explaining key elements of the Gospel presented to us in the Bible. Students will learn how some key doctrines (e.g. God, creation and the person of Christ) are significant for pastoral ministry and how they help us to worship and glorify God.

With DC2.2 Doctrine II, these two module units form one comprehensive introduction to the major topics of Christian theology. Structured around the Apostles' Creed and paying attention to the 'cloud of witnesses' gone before, the course helps students learn to listen to the biblical text and frame the key moments of the gospel and the key truths about the gospel's God so as to be formed by them, and equipped to form others in future ministry..”

Christopher Stead

Module tutor