Issues in Pastoral Counselling

Programme module

This module addresses two areas which are challenging and lively within pastoral counselling in the local church: Andrew Nicholls will lead one section focussing on experiences of loss, and Karen Sleeman will lead another section focussing on caring for and counselling families. A biblical understanding of pastoral counselling will underpin and cohere these sections, and will be introduced at the start of the module. At its close, the module will bring these different elements together, in the round, in order to look at their cumulative implications for being a pastoral counsellor in moments of life transition within a local church setting.

The module will consolidate and extend your previous understanding of pastoral counselling, developing a higher-level understanding of particular areas where a skilled pastoral counsellor needs to have knowledge, perspective and connection.  It will help you to become a more confident and competent explorer and instrument of change through pastoral counsel to people in dynamic and complex life situations.