Master’s-Level Independent Research Project

Programme module

After initially meeting with the supervisor to produce a draft research plan, the student will receive another four further hours of supervision. Oral but not written feedback will be given on a draft or drafts of the work. The rest of the student’s time will be spent in research and writing. While the supervisor may comment on aspects of the work and suggest further reading, the student’s research and writing will demonstrate: their critical engagement with primary and secondary materials; their understanding of the field of study and the contribution of other disciplines to the topic of study; their originality in the application of knowledge; their use of techniques applicable to their own research; depending on the nature of the research, their selection of and commentary upon appropriate methodologies forconstructing the project; and their ability to formulate a constructive, coherent, well-informed argument. In some cases, it will also demonstrate the student’s understanding of and compliance with the principles of ethical research.