Why Oak Hill?

Our mission

Anyone involved in Christian ministry today has to ask: what resources do I need to help me meet the big challenges of our times? At Oak Hill, we believe our theological understanding and practical skills for ministry become most effective when they are broad, deep and adaptable.

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What we stand for

There are many ways to prepare for ministry, but we’re convinced that the best way is to be immersed in a learning and worshipping community for a dedicated and rigorous time of training and formation. We give students the time and space they need to study, debate, reflect, pray, and grow in love for Christ in the fellowship of others.

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The best possible gift

The way we prepare students for a lifetime of ministry at Oak Hill is theologically grounded in a passage in Ephesians chapter 4, where Paul says that the gifts Christ gives to his people are pastors and teachers, ‘so that the body of Christ may be built up...’ See the video below to find out more.

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Anglicans and independents

Oak Hill has always trained both Anglican and Independent students for ministry, as a matter of principle. We work that way because we believe that gospel people need to do things together.

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Globally aware, globally connected

Oak Hill not only prepares people for cross-cultural ministry at home and abroad, but the Great Commission of Jesus is woven through everything we teach. It ensures that culturally relevant mission is important in every class, and not just the missions courses.

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Our pedagogy

What is the theory and practice of teaching (in other words, pedagogy) followed by Oak Hill? Our aim is for all learning, teaching and assessment to play a part in equipping each student to be the best possible gift to Christ’s church.

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Our story

Oak Hill College was born out of the ashes of the First World War. The college began under Charles Baring Young (1850-1928), a deeply committed educationalist and philanthropist, who had the evangelical vision, as well as the resources, to respond to the needs and opportunities of his time.

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Our governance

Oak Hill is the responsibility of the Kingham Hill Trust, and is governed by the Oak Hill College Council.

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Middlesex University

Oak Hill’s long-standing relationship with Middlesex University, which awards and quality assures our programmes, goes back to 1992.

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Why send candidates to us?

At Oak Hill, our primary goal is to help our students to become more and more like Christ, in love, truth and joy. Specifically, we encourage them to grow in godly character; we equip them in the skills and competencies of effective church leadership; and we enable them to develop in biblical and theological wisdom.

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