Globally aware, globally connected

The world is coming to London! Globalisation affects all of us, of course, no matter where we live, but in London the world presses in around us. Here at Oak Hill, we don’t limit our horizons to the UK alone, but are committed to providing people who are Christ’s ‘best possible gift’ across the globe.

Training for global mission

Oak Hill intentionally prepares people for cross-cultural ministry at home and abroad. More than 40 Oak Hill alumni are serving across six continents in more than twenty different countries. Many more are sharing the gospel across cultures in UK towns and cities.

Our inclusive community

Students from a great variety of cultural backgrounds study at Oak Hill, and we’d love to see this continue to increase. At any one time, most of the world’s continents are represented in our college community.

Integrated courses

Oak Hill College takes seriously the missional hermeneutic; that the Bible can’t be fully understood and applied without taking into account its inherently Great Commission DNA. That’s why all our courses are shot through with a focus on mission. This inter-disciplinary approach ensures that global relevance is important in every class, not just the missions courses.

London location

This is London, where the nations have come. The greater part of the city’s population, not to mention its church congregations on Sundays, is comprised of people from other nations, living and working in our great city. Oak Hill intentionally prepares gospel workers who are excited to embrace this increasing diversity, and minister to people within it.

Focus on cross-cultural mission

In the videos below, students and alumni who have benefitted from studying for cross-cultural ministry talk about their experiences at Oak Hill with Director of Theology for Crossing Cultures, David Baldwin.

Steve Smith, Director of Serving in Mission UK, talks with David Baldwin, Director of Theology for Crossing Cultures at Oak Hill, about the theological education needed for cross-cultural work.

Song Tsai, a student at Oak Hill, talks with David Baldwin, Director of Theology for Crossing Cultures, about his experience of cross-cultural mission and ministry.

Song Tsai and Anja Lijcklama a Nijeholt, both students at Oak Hill, talk about the challenges and opportunities of training for cross-cultural ministry.

Philippa Lovell, during her time as a student at Oak Hill, talked with David Baldwin, Director of Theology for Crossing Cultures, about her experience of cross-cultural ministry.