Our mission

We are living in a time of incredible challenge and change.

Our news and politics are dominated by division, anger and blame. For children and teenagers, the presence of social media often brings anxiety and emotional harm. For many young adults and families, our society’s redefinitions of marriage and gender raises a host of new pastoral issues.

Recent UK surveys show that 62% of adults believe religion does more harm than good, and only 16% of people who describe themselves as Christians are in church each week.

For individual Christians and church communities, following the way of Christ is becoming a greater challenge as the cultural ground shifts beneath our feet.

Anyone involved in Christian ministry today has to ask: what resources do I need to help me meet the incredible challenges of our times?

At Oak Hill, we believe our theological understanding and practical skills for ministry become most effective when they are broad, deep and adaptable.

When we are broad in understanding the whole counsel of God, we grow in wisdom. When we are deep in our grasp of scripture and theology, we see the changes and challenges of today’s world in their true biblical light. And when we are adaptable, our ministry connects with the real world, where God has called us to share the good news of the Lord Jesus.

Our calling is to serve you. We want you to develop in godly character, in the competencies of effective church leadership, and in the core knowledge and skills of biblical and theological wisdom. Everything we do takes place in the context of a learning and worshipping community, where your gifts can develop and flourish.

Come and meet us at an Open Morning, where you can find out about teaching, worship and formation at Oak Hill at first hand. During the current coronavirus situation you can watch our virtual open morning here

And read more about our approach to theological education and training in our online booklet, The Best Possible Gift.

Note: the survey statistics quoted above are from Ipsos MORI (2017) and Opinium (2014).