Our pedagogy

What is the theory and practice of teaching (in other words, pedagogy) followed by Oak Hill? Our aim is for all learning, teaching and assessment to play a part in equipping each student to be the best possible gift to Christ’s church.

We seek to advance education in accordance with the Christian faith, preparing students to understand God’s truth in appropriate breadth and depth, and to apply it with faithfulness and integrity both to themselves and to the people they will serve in our diverse and changing world. Our aim is to produce graduates who:

Are appropriately equipped
for their chosen area of ministry

Know Christ deeply
and are therefore able to explain him simply

Are servant-hearted
, humble, and committed both to life-long learning and to ongoing personal transformation into the likeness of Christ

Are able to engage positively
with those who are different from themselves, whether that difference is theological, cultural, social, ethnic or expressed in some other way

Are flexible
and adaptable enough to serve across a wide range of ministry contexts

Are resilient
and able to adapt to the rapidly-changing demands of contemporary ministry

Are analytical
, creative and appropriately critical in their thinking, and able both to learn independently and to work collaboratively as members of a team

Training programmes

Oak Hill offers a range of integrated awards in theology, at levels 4 to 7 of higher education qualifications. Through these, we provide specialist training in pastoral leadership, cross-cultural mission, children’s and youth work, and women’s ministry.

Our aim is to offer rigorous and academically excellent education which is conservative evangelical in theology; responsive to the changing demands of contemporary ministry; and able to equip students to serve in a wide range of ministry roles and contexts.

We offer students the opportunity to live and learn in a residential community, where they can listen, debate, reflect, pray and grow in love for Christ within a varied Christian fellowship. We also offer training for students who want to remain in their current contexts, or who are already established in ministry. They are able to pursue the same awards as our full time students, following part-time courses.

The learning experience

Oak Hill aims to provide a learning experience which is both demanding and exhilarating, reflecting the highest academic standards as well as excellence in pedagogy. Our focus is on both information and transformation:

In academic terms
– the curriculum is designed to offer breadth, depth, pace and a degree of intellectual challenge appropriate to the level of study.

In formational terms
– the curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn practical ministry skills, to reflect and develop their own self-understanding, and to grow in their Christian discipleship.

More generally
– we seek to develop skills in handling knowledge, and learning how to learn, so that students can remain faithful to scripture, but also be adaptable to the contexts in which they live and work. This combination of faithfulness and adaptability will enable them to minister to people in whatever situation they find themselves.

The programmes of study at Oak Hill offer a rich and varied learning experience which encompasses lectures, seminars, language classes, field trips, placements and a range of assessments. Underlying all our programmes is a belief that the sub-disciplines within theology are integrated within the framework provided by scripture, which speaks into every area of life.