What we stand for

Oak Hill’s mission is to serve those who respond to God’s call by preparing them for a lifetime of gospel ministry and mission in Britain and around the world.

There are many ways to prepare for ministry, but we’re convinced that the best way is to be immersed in a learning and worshipping community for a dedicated and rigorous time of training and formation. We give students the time and space they need to study, debate, reflect, pray, and grow in love for Christ in the fellowship of others.

The training students receive is highly adaptable, enabling their ministry to meet the challenges of rapidly changing times, and to develop and flourish over a lifetime. At the same time, we want our students to be firmly rooted in the scriptures, the unchanging word of God.

To that end, our programmes of study are integrated and innovative, equipping students to know and love God’s word more, and so being able to know and love God’s world more. Our ambition is for each student to be the best possible gift for Christ to give to his church.

A groundbreaking mission

When Oak Hill College first opened in 1932, its mission was groundbreaking. According to one of its founding documents, the aim of the college was ‘training men and women for ordination or other ministry in the Church of England, or other Protestant denominations, who are without adequate means of paying the expenses of their training.’

This was bold and counter-cultural at the time, because it made it possible for students to enter theological training regardless of class, social connections, or financial resources. It marked a departure from the class-based approach to ministry which prevailed in the church at the time.

In the almost 90 years since that time, we remain committed to helping students resource the training they need for gospel ministry. The cost of study is frequently greater than our students are able to pay or raise by themselves. That’s why Oak Hill continues to be a venture of faith, as we seek to make good the shortfall between what students can afford and the cost of their training.