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Mike Ovey responds to a recent video interview with Phillip Jensen.
It is always a tad awkward when two people one highly respects have a go at each other's positions on the Web. Thus, Phillip Jensen has drawn a distinction in a recent video between followers of Calvin and Calvinists, very much to the latter's disadvantage, while Paul Levy has responded with a piece affecting to see this as advanced Australian satire. He suggests this is simply revisiting the tired and discredited old idea that the Calvinists are at odds with Calvin.
I admire and respect both men. As a further complication, my day job involves teaching systematic theology and it is difficult not to feel that I amongst others am in the Jensen crosshairs. What to do?
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Acts 29, the global church planting network, and Oak Hill College have entered into a partnership to establish an academy to train people for ministry and church planting in Europe and the 10/40 window.
Dr Daniel Strange, Academic Vice Principal of Oak Hill, says, 'Most European nations are less than 2 per cent evangelical. Through immigration to the continent, we also have unprecedented access to many of the people groups of the 10/40 window. The re-evangelisation of Europe has strategic importance for reaching some of the most unreached peoples of the world. The European church needs revitalising and new churches need to be planted to meet the challenge and opportunity.'
The academy will be formed by two organisations with experience of developing the kinds of leaders and ministries that are needed, to see Europe impacted and the 10/40 window breached.
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Robin Ham, who is studying at Oak Hill, writes about the social media phenomenon, Instagram, which has 300 million users worldwide.
If you haven't heard of Instagram, here's my whistle-stop tour: like a form of Twitter, but with images instead of tweets, Instagram is a social network and phone app. It revolves around taking, editing and sharing photos with your followers, and has become particularly known for the way in which it allows an image's appearance to be filtered with a range of pre-fixed and often nostalgic glosses.
'So, what?' you might well ask. Well, that's part of the surprise with Instagram. It may not sound particularly novel. And yet, since launching in 2011, Instagram has swelled to over 300 million regular users. Just think about it: that's more people than the populations of the UK, Germany, Australia, France and Canada combined, all of whom have made this little app a regular part of their lives. In particular it has captivated the younger generations; a third of all Americans aged 14-34s apparently now use the app.
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Grace Forsythe
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