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Some news on Dan Strange's book, Their Rock is Not Like Our Rock: A Theology of Religions, which was published in the US earlier this year.
Dan talks about the book in conversation with Camden Bucey and Jim Cassidy on Christ the Centre, the weekly podcast of Reformed theology. The discussion looks at how theology, redemptive history and apologetics all converge to inform our science of missions and our theology of 'the religious other'. Listen to Christ the Centre here.
In addition, Zondervan, the book's publisher, are holding an academic eBook sale from 17th to 24th November, with Their Rock is Not Like Our Rock available at 50% off. Visit the sale page here.
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Dan Strange has written a chapter in the first-ever Gospel Coalition eBook, which is entitled, Revisiting 'Faithful Presence'.
The book is a series of essays in response to the five year anniversary of James Davison Hunter's influential book, To Change the World. Dan's essay, 'Faithful Presence: A Theology for the Trenches?' is the only non-American contribution.
Read more and download Revisiting 'Faithful Presence' for free at the link above.
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Matthew Sleeman encounters the AD/CE debate over the breakfast table.
In family prayers this morning, we were reading Psalm 106, and I innocently mentioned how it flags up to us that God acts in history, that God is more than just an idea, a presence, a force around us in a general vague sense. This was cue for one of my children, recently arrived at secondary school, to report how his RE teacher had told them to write dates with BCE/CE, and not with BC/AD.
This wasn't news to me: I see it all the time in published books and, when writing for academic presses, it's a taken for granted in their required style guides. But this was the breakfast table. This was family prayers. Someone was messing with our heritage.
For those not aware of the issue, it's a now widespread replacing of BC ('Before Christ') and AD (Anno Domini, aka 'Year of our Lord') with BCE ('Before Common Era') and CE ('Common Era').
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